The CathStrap is a novel and innovative medical device that easily and effectively manages a patient’s Foley Bag and tubing.

It is a single patient product that goes with the patient.

When a Foley Bag is prescribed, so to is the CathStrap meeting CDC guidelines, reducing the possibility of CAUTI.




 CDC studies and other white paper studies published  in the medical journals “Emerging Infectious Diseases” and “Clinical Infectious Diseases”  find that Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) are the leading cause of all hospital acquired infections (HAI). The majority of these infections are caused by mishandling and excessive manipulation of the urinary drainage bag and tubing. Our innovative and novel CATHSTRAP addresses these causes described by the CDC guidelines.

                        CDC guidelines

 1. Keep the collection bag below the level of the

     bladder at all times.

  2. Do not rest the bag on the patient’s lap

  3. Keep the catheter and drainage tubing free

      from kinking.

  4. Maintain unobstructed urine flow.